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Patient comparing natural teeth colour to denture shade chart for dentures.

Before arriving at an appointment with their denturist, many people don’t realize that they’re able to choose the shade of their new teeth. So, when the denturist pulls out their trusty shade chart, these patients aren’t sure where to begin.

While denturists are happy to offer advice and help you select the best tooth colour, the decision is ultimately yours to make. At Postings Denture Clinics, we offer dentures at both our Victoria and Sidney locations, so our patients should be ready to pick the preferred shade for their teeth. To help you feel confident going into your appointment, we prepared the following guide on denture tooth shades Using a Denture Shade Chart To help patients pick the best colour for their teeth, denturists use a device called a denture shade chart. This 3D device features artificial teeth in a continuum of shades, ranging from Hollywood white to darker ivories. Each of these teeth can be held against the individual’s gum line, granting them a strong visual of how well that shade would suit them. Patients are often encouraged to bring in a photo where they’re smiling with their teeth exposed. This photo helps both the patient and the denturist understand what shade of teeth looks most natural on them. The Brighter, The Better? For many patients, their first impulse is to choose the brightest white on the denture shade chart. But it’s important to remember that dentures look best when they resemble your natural teeth. As a general rule of thumb, patients with fairer complexions are most compatible with a lighter shade of teeth, while darker skin tones should choose a somewhat darker hue. Furthermore, our teeth naturally darken as we age. So, it’s also important to keep that fact in mind while selecting a suitable shade. For instance, a dazzlingly white smile on a mature patient is perhaps not the best option, since those in their social circle are more likely to notice that they’re wearing dentures. Matching Remaining Teeth With partial dentures, your denturist will try to match your new teeth to your existing teeth. During these appointments, your job is simply to sit back and relax as your denturist chooses the ideal shade. Of course, you’ll be fully consulted before your new dentures are finalized.

Looking for Dentures in Victoria?

Whether you need complete or partial dentures, Postings Denture Clinic is here to help you return to eating, smiling and enjoying your everyday life. Specializing in dentures in Victoria and Sidney, our two clinics offer prompt and professional care, and boast over 40 years of experience. Call today and book your appointment or learn more about our complete services.


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