Precision Dentures in Victoria, Sidney and Surrounding Areas

Precision dentures are made to suit each person’s individual looks and needs using additional measurements of your face and jaw. Additional measurements assure a more precise function in relation to the movements of your jaw. No two patients are the same, so the dentures are handcrafted to match your:

  • Age

  • Complexion

  • Shape of your jaw line

  • Lips

  • Eyes (and eyeglasses, when present)

  • Hair colour

High quality teeth are used in the construction of your dentures and your denturist will choose a tooth shape and shade with your specific features in mind. The teeth are then set to produce a perfect smile – just for you! A precision denture provides excellent function, fit, comfort, and appearance.

Precision Dentures

A special type of articulator is used in the fabrication of precision dentures, allowing more precise measurements to be input and creating a more personalized, accurate denture.

Precision Denture

A regular articulator, operating on only one hinge (similar to how a door functions), is used in standard denture fabrication.

How Are Precision Dentures Different than Conventional Dentures?

Conventional dentures are not always made with your individual physiology in mind. In fabrication of conventional dentures, the measurements and positional relationships of how dentures should work are based on a range of average values, which doesn’t always perform optimally for patients.

Call us today and let Postings Denture Clinics fabricate a personalized Precision Denture for you and get the smile you deserve!


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