Immediate Dentures in Victoria BC

Immediate dentures are a type of complete or partial denture that can be used to give you a complete smile the very same day that your teeth are extracted. There is no need to wait for the extraction sites to heal (you would generally need to wait 4-6 weeks after extractions to begin fabrication of conventional dentures). An impression is made of your existing teeth and gums prior to the extractions and is then used as a working model for the construction of your new dentures.

Immediate dentures have seen considerable growth in popularity because they offer quite a few benefits over conventional dentures:

  • You will not have to go out in public without teeth while waiting for your tooth extraction sites to heal.

  • Your immediate denture will protect your gums after the extraction, reducing bleeding.

  • You'll be able to get used to speaking with dentures right away, rather than having to establish new speech patterns without teeth and then again with conventional dentures.

  • You'll have a quicker and easier time learning to chew with dentures, allowing you to enjoy all of your favourite foods sooner.

During the first few months after your extractions, your gums and the underlying bone will be healing and shrinking, likely causing your dentures to become looser. Your denturist will place temporary soft-liners in your dentures to improve their fit. After approximately 10-12 months, your healing should be complete and your dentures will need to be permanently relined or rebased in order to obtain an optimal fit.

Most people who are good candidates for conventional dentures can also get immediate dentures. With that being said, certain health conditions and oral health problems could make immediate dentures contraindicated for some individuals. The best way to know if immediate dentures are right for you is to consult with one of our denturists.

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