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If you need to get dentures or implants, it is likely that you have a lot of questions. These questions can range from simple care for your new dentures to questions about the process to get your new dentures. That is why we have a new blog available to serve our patients better. Here you will find a wide range of topics relating to dentures and their care. 

Check back regularly for new articles and topics!

  • partial dentures
    How Many Teeth Do I Need to Lose Before I Consider Dentures?

    It can be a scary thing when you start to experience tooth loss. Whether you're dealing with a missing tooth or a number of lost teeth, it's important that you explore your options. These losses can impact your self-esteem, speaking ability, and make it difficult to eat. Fortunately, there are a number of options for you. We're going to explore dentures today, answering questions like "what are dentures", "how much does a denture cost", and "what are different denture types?" So, if you're looking for full or partial dentures in Victoria or Sidney, you've come to the right place.


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  • immediate dentures
    Top 5 Benefits of Immediate Dentures

    The primary benefits of dentures are improved ability to chew food, improve facial appearance, and protect remaining teeth from extensive wear. Many people choose immediate dentures when they arrange to have teeth extracted. Immediate dentures are fabricated prior to your natural teeth being extracted and are placed in your mouth immediately following your extractions. As your mouth needs time to recover from the extractions, there is a waiting period before a final hard reline can be performed on these dentures. Generally, this period is between six to twelve months. Many changes will occur in your mouth during this time, and our office will place temporary soft liners in your dentures to assist with fit and comfort. In this blog post, we will take a look at the five benefits of immediate dentures. If you are considering having teeth extracted and dentures fitted, it can be helpful to understand more about what the uses of immediate dentures are.


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  • Fix Your Dentures at Home
    Should You Fix Your Dentures at Home?

    If you have broken your dentures before, you might know that there is sometimes a bit of a delay before you are able to visit your denturist. You might be wondering if you can or should fix your dentures at home? Before you pull out the super glue for your dentures, check out our information about denture repairs.


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  • Conventional Denture Fabrication
    Steps Involved for Conventional Denture Fabrication

    Dentures are a great way to get the look and feel of teeth when you are missing some or all of your natural teeth. They are a great alternative that allows people to get the smile they deserve.


    If you are considering dentures, but want to learn about the steps and appointments required for your denture fabrication, keep reading to learn more. 


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  • Denture
    Why Are Regular Dental Visits Important for Patients with Dentures?

    Many people who have denture implants or partial/complete dentures believe that they don’t have to visit the dentist regularly. However, that isn’t the truth. Regular dental visits are very crucial to maintain good oral health, even with dentures. At Postings Denture Clinic, we can make sure that you have annual recall exams to ensure that your dentures are fitting properly. An annual recall exam with your dentist gives them an opportunity to examine the gums and mouth for infection.


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  • Denture
    Are Your Dentures Causing You Discomfort? Take a Look at Denture Reline Solutions

    When a tooth is extracted, the bone tissue surrounding it goes through a process called “resorption.” This process breaks down the composite materials on a cellular level and allows its absorption into the body. This makes the gums undergo changes in shape over time, which can render a perfectly fitting denture loose in a matter of months. The most amount of resorption occurs within the first 12 months of having your natural teeth extracted.


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  • 15/02/2020
    8 Important Questions to Ask Your Denturist

    People who get their dentures fitted for the first time are a bit apprehensive about the whole process. We understand that this process can be a little daunting, so you might feel a bit anxious, but not to worry as we are here to help you!

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  • Implant denture
    Are Implant Dentures Right for me?

    Despite many improvements in dental care, millions suffer tooth loss – mostly due to periodontal disease, tooth decay or injury. This can lead to a variety of complications that can impact the emotional and physical health of patients. Implant dentures are a kind of over-denture attached to implants. They are one of today’s best appliances for fixing the problem of missing teeth. 

    Postings Denture Clinics Ltd. has been in the denture care business for more than 40 years. Our team is well-versed in every aspect of denture treatment. We offer top-quality services, including maintenance to residents of the Saanich Peninsula and Greater Victoria.

    In this blog post, we discuss how implant dentures could be right for you.

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  • dentures
    Nine Tips for New Denture Wearers

    Dentures can boost personal confidence and improve appearance by replacing missing teeth. They can make your face look fuller and sometimes even make you look younger. They can also help you to speak more clearly and eat food properly. 

    Postings Denture Clinics Ltd. is a family-owned and -operated business with an in-house lab, providing a quick turnaround for all dental needs. We understand and appreciate the trust our clients put in us.

    If you have just received dentures or if you’ve chosen to go through the procedure, it can be awkward at first. In this blog post, we discuss 10 tips for patients who are new to wearing dentures.

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  • Dentures
    What Type of Denture Is Right for You?

    Dentures are dental appliances that are used to replace missing teeth. They have to be supported by the surrounding soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity. There are several different types of denture, but all of them help improve your chewing ability and enhance your pronunciation as well as appearance. 

    If you are looking for a denturist in Victoria, get in touch with Postings Denture Clinics Ltd. We use advanced equipment and techniques to provide personalized denture care to all our patients. We can also help you with denture relining and denture repairs. Book a free consultation today!

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  • 23/09/2019
    Digitalize and Duplicate Your Dentures: Benefits and How It's Done

    Over the last several years, technology has significantly changed the way dentures are made. At Postings Denture Clinics, we provide comprehensive denture services in Victoria, making sure to always stay on top of new technological advancements to serve our clients better. One such advancement that we are excited to tell you about is that our denturists can now create an exact replica of your existing dentures by digitally scanning and duplicating them.

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  • Cosmetic Dentures Victoria
    Staying Mobile: How Dentures Can Easily Fit Into Your Active Lifestyle

    If you have missing teeth, you are the perfect candidate for dentures, all while continuing to lead an active lifestyle. At Postings Denture Clinics, we provide many types of dentures in Victoria that not only look natural, but that can function like natural teeth as well. There are many ways to make sure that your dentures are able to keep up with all your activities!

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  • Dentures in Victoria British Columbia
    Get the Perfect, Natural-Looking Artificial Smile with Dentures

    Today's dentures are capable of closely mimicking the look of natural teeth. They may often be called "false teeth," but there is nothing false-looking about them. Postings Denture Clinics is proud to provide denture services and denture fittings in Victoria that will give you a new smile you can wear with confidence. 

    If you have missing teeth, our experienced denturists will be able to craft you an artificial smile that not only matches the look, shape, size, and shade of your natural smile but enhances upon it.

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  • denture-care-victoria
    Dentures and Insurance Coverage: What You Need to Know

    At Postings Denture Clinics, we strive to make the process of getting dentures in Victoria as convenient as possible by offering free initial consultations. That way, you'll have a good idea of your potential treatment options and the costs associated with them, allowing you to plan for your insurance coverage. We also provide a complete array of denture services at our two clinic locations in Victoria and Sidney.

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  • denturist demonstrating denture care to new patient
    Immediate Dentures: Restoring Your Smile Couldn't Be Easier in Victoria, BC

    Immediate dentures are a great option for restoring a smile if any of your remaining natural teeth soon need to be extracted

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  • Dental implant cross section showing natural fit implant screw
    Key Benefits of Implant Dentures Over Traditional Dentures in Victoria BC

    At Postings Denture Clinics, we understand that traditional dentures aren’t for everyone. Even after refitting appointments by our expert denturists, some patients still complain of comfort issues, along with difficulties eating and speaking.

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  • Patient comparing natural teeth colour to denture shade chart for dentures.
    What Shade of Tooth Color is Best for my Dentures in Victoria?

    Before arriving at an appointment with their denturist, many people don’t realize that they’re able to choose the shade of their new teeth. So, when the denturist pulls out their trusty shade chart, these patients aren’t sure where to begin.

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  • Senior denture wearer showing a clean & healthy smile
    How to Care for & Clean Your Dentures

    If you are one of the many people who wear false teeth in Victoria or Sidney, then it's important to brush up on the basics of denture care. Proper care is vital for maintaining your oral health, keeping your dentures free of stains, helping your dentures last longer, and ensuring a comfortable.

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