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Conventional Denture Fabrication

Dentures are a great way to get the look and feel of teeth when you are missing some or all of your natural teeth. They are a great alternative that allows people to get the smile they deserve. If you are considering dentures, but want to learn about the steps and appointments required for your denture fabrication, keep reading to learn more.

TAKING AN IMPRESSION After your initial consultation, your denturist will take a preliminary impression of your mouth using a material called alginate. The denturist will then create a stone model by pouring liquid stone into the impression and allowing it to set. Sometimes, a second impression will be taken as well, called a final impression, using a polyether impression material that is able to capture finer details for a more precise impression. MEASURING YOUR BITE From there, your denturist will fabricate a custom tray and wax bite on your stone model. Once this is inserted in your mouth, your denturist may have you open and close and slide your jaw back-and-forth and side-to-side, in order to see where your jaw closes naturally. This will allow them to set up the denture teeth in the correct position. At this point, you'll also choose a tooth mould and shade that is going to be best for you. Physical characteristics like complexion, shape of your jaw line, and lips are all taken into consideration when choosing which tooth would best suit your denture. CREATING A WAX MODEL Your denturist will then take the teeth you have selected together and set them up on the model using wax. This wax model is presented to you at your next appointment and can be tried in your mouth. Because the teeth are set up using wax, any changes to measurements or aesthetics can still be made before the denture goes to the final processing stage. PROCESSING THE DENTURE Your denturist will use the specific type of acrylic required to create your denture. This requires multiple steps in our in-house lab and can take hours to complete! FINISHING AND POLISHING Dentures are hand finished to make sure that all excess acrylic gets removed from the edges. This is to ensure the dentures are comfortable to wear and can be adjusted if needed. After finishing the denture, it's time to polish it. The polishing step helps create a consistently smooth finish and allows the dentures to look similar to natural teeth. ARE YOU CONSIDERING GETTING DENTURES? If you've been thinking about getting dentures, the next thing to do is talk with one of our denture professionals to help you get the smile you deserve. Contact us today at Postings Denture Clinics Ltd to schedule an appointment or get your questions answered. We would love to hear from you!


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