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Offering Flexible Dentures in Victoria and Sidney

At Postings Denture Clinics, we have been offering our patients the highest standards of denture care for years by using only premium materials to create long-lasting dentures. We specialize in providing a wide range of well-fitted dentures, including flexible dentures in Victoria, Sidney and Langford to get your smile back.


For the unversed, flexible dentures are a type of partial denture made out of thermoplastic nylon resin, which tends to be thinner and therefore much more flexible than traditional acrylic dentures. This type of denture has become popular among patients for multiple reasons: superior aesthetics, comfort or for those who have an aversion to metals. If there are questions brewing in your mind about flexible dentures and their maintenance, you can connect with us or book a consultation for us to answer your queries.



The benefits that come with choosing Postings Denture Clinics for getting your flexible dentures are:

Because these dentures are made out of a less brittle material, there is less chance of them breaking or shattering if dropped.

Patients find flexible dentures to be more comfortable and are pleased with their more natural look, as the clasps used are often transparent.

For patients who are sensitive to traditional acrylic resins, the thermoplastic material is less likely to cause discomfort.



Wondering how our denturists prepare your dentures? Here is a brief outline of the process of creating flexible dentures that we follow for our customers in Victoria, Sidney and Langford:

  • Our denturists will take an impression of your teeth in your first appointment to record the shape, in your first appointment with us.

  • In the next appointment, they will insert the wax pattern flexible in your mouth to assess their fit and how your natural teeth meet when biting.

  • Afterwards, we will insert your new dentures into your mouth. In this step, you will see how they look and feel when it comes to the final denture. During this stage, you can discuss the changes (if any) with your denturist.

  • We will ensure the denture fits well into your mouth and make any final changes in the concluding stage.



Flexible Dentures may be a suitable option for:

  • People who have lost two or more teeth from the same area.

  • Patients who have thin gums as the heavier acrylic dentures can exert significant force on the gums.

  • Adults with misaligned natural teeth, as flexible dentures, do not require metal hooks to hold the dentures in place.

Our experienced denturists will review your dental health, history, and lifestyle to craft flexible dentures for you. We at Postings Denture Clinics also offer other types of dentures if flexible dentures aren’t what you are interested in.

Get the smile you deserve

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