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Fix Your Dentures at Home

If you have broken your dentures before, you might know that there is sometimes a bit of a delay before you are able to visit your denturist. You might be wondering if you can or should fix your dentures at home? Before you pull out the super glue for your dentures, check out our information about denture repairs.

SHOULD YOU SUPER GLUE YOUR DENTURES? Chances are, you don't have dental tools lying around your home, let alone the training to use them. So, naturally, you're thinking about using super glue to put your dentures back together. You need your smile, and super glue might seem like a viable option, however, super glue was not designed for use in one's mouth. Dentures are made of a specific acrylic, which means super glue won't bond your dentures together properly. When we repair your denture, we use the same type of material that was used to fabricate it the first time, so the material will bond together properly. The residue left behind by any super glue could damage your dentures, making a proper fix more challenging. The glue can also impact how the dentures fit in your mouth, and the overall structural integrity of your dentures, which increases the chances of another break. Most importantly, super glue is not a medical product and is not a substitute for the specific adhesives and acrylics we use in our laboratory. Household glue can cause health issues such as inflammation and allergic reactions. IS IT EVER SAFE TO USE SUPERGLUE? A professional repair is always the best solution. We DO NOT recommend using super glue, or any other kind of adhesive, to repair your dentures on your own. It is very likely that any attempts to repair your denture on your own will end up causing it more harm long-term. Whether you have cracked your denture in half or a tooth has broken off, you should not attempt to repair it yourself. If you do attempt a DIY repair, you are more likely to compromise your denture. A broken denture needs to be repaired exactly as it was before and this must be done by a professional. If your dentures break, make sure you get in touch with us at Postings Denture Clinic. We will do our best to restore your dentures as close as possible to their original condition. We offer same-day repairs whenever we can, so you can get your smile back as soon as possible.


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