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Denture Repairs and Additions in Victoria and Sidney

A denture can become fractured or damaged in many circumstances, including natural wear and tear. At Postings Denture Ltd., we understand that a broken denture can cause you an immense amount of distress, including physical pain. Moreover, it is imperative to get ill-fitting dentures repaired as soon as possible, as they can interfere with essential functions such as eating and speaking. If you find yourself in such a situation, you can rely on us for our efficient denture repairs in Victoria.


We also provide denture addition services for denture users who have had their teeth extracted. Our team understands that functioning without your dentures might cause you a great deal of discomfort. We carry out all denture repairs and additions quickly so that you can go continue living your life comfortably with your dentures. Despite our quick turnaround times, we never compromise on quality. Our clinic has many years of experience in providing denture repairs in Victoria, which allows us to always get the job done right.


Do you require denture repairs in Victoria or Sidney? We provide same-day repairs at both of our locations.

Why Do You Need Denture Repairs?


There are many reasons why you might need a denture repair at our clinic. Some of these include:

  • Ill-fitting dentures: The most common reason for denture repairs is them being ill-fitting in the first place. If your dentures are poorly fit, you can put uneven stress in one particular area while using them. The unevenly distributed stress causes fractures in some parts of the dentures.
  • Impact: Impact fractures are another reason why you might need denture repairs. Dropping dentures can cause them to break at different points, such as the gum line or even the teeth. Impact fractures usually necessitate immediate repairs.
  • Natural wear and tear: Despite being made of durable material, dentures can become weathered due to prolonged use. The older the dentures are, the more prone they are to be damaged. Moreover, your jawbone changes over time, which might cause them to become ill-fitting.

Whatever the causes of your damaged dentures might be, at Postings Denture Clinic, we can have it repaired in no time. Denture repairs can restore a fractured or damaged denture to close to its original condition. Our office prides itself in offering same-day repairs, allowing you to have your smile back quickly and hassle-free. We are also happy to advise you on your dentures' condition and how to avoid further damage.


Please get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding our denture repairs in Victoria.




If you are having your natural teeth extracted, it is quite common for teeth to be added to an existing partial denture, provided it is in good condition. Once the teeth have been removed, we usually recommend waiting one week for healing, after which we can book you for a same-day addition! We are also sometimes able to add the teeth to your partial denture before your extraction, so your dentist or oral surgeon can insert it immediately after the teeth are extracted. Your denturist and dentist can work together and decide the best treatment plan for you.




Like with everything else, when it comes to dentures, prevention is critical. The regular maintenance of your dentures can elongate their life and eliminate the need for unnecessary repairs. Some ways to take care of your dentures include:

  • Take care of your overall dental hygiene
  • Come in for regular denture inspections
  • Keep your dentures clean
  • Be careful while handling your dentures
  • Ensure that your dentures fit you properly

Our denture clinic can advise you on how to take care of your dentures. Please contact us to book an appointment with us.


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When you require denture repairs and additions in Victoria, you can turn to our denture clinic. We provide walk-in repairs and try to offer same-day service for additions. Please call us to learn more about our services.


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