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Precision Dentures

Has your dentist suggested it might be time to consider dentures for your mouth? If you're about to make the decision to go to dentures for your mouth, you want as much information as possible about dentures. What is it like to wear dentures? What are the dentures made of and how long will they last? How do you care for dentures? Your dentist might even be talking to you about the difference between standard dentures and precision dentures. Read on to learn more about precision dentures in Victories. This is an important consideration for your health and you want to make the best decision possible for yourself and your mouth and you need to have all the relevant information.

WHAT ARE STANDARD DENTURES? Dentures of the past were all considered standard dentures. They meet all of the safety and health standard requirements. But as dental technology has advanced, the makeup of standard dentures is not quite as good as that of precision dentures. The materials used to make standard dentures don't have the same level of density as precision dentures. When building standard dentures they are more likely to make up this more basic material. They also will be simpler shapes with fewer options for shading too. When a standard pair of dentures get made, they're made on a device that simply opens and closes, a one-dimensional movement. Unfortunately, our mouths move in more directions than one dimension when we speak, eat, or even smile, for example. This can mean the standard dentures don't move naturally the way your mouth moves. WHAT ARE PRECISION DENTURES? Precision dentures take advantage of dental technologies that make better dentures for the wearer. Precision dentures are made of a material that's much denser than standard dentures. In addition to being more durable, precision dentures are made differently. They're made on a device that moves more like the human mouth. This device allows the dentures being made to move in a multi-dimensional manner and more accurately to how the human mouth really moves. This means the precision dentures fit more accurately and move with the wearer in a more natural manner. As the dentist does measurements on your mouth, these are transferred to this device. It makes it very close to your actual mouth and jaw, so when complete the precision dentures have a natural look and feel. Precision dentures are also made using teeth with many more options than standard dentures. The shape, size, and color availability of the teeth are much greater with precision dentures. This allows the denture to be made in a way that better matches other teeth and the needs of your mouth. Overall, precision dentures provide for a better fit, function, gum appearance, and life span compared to standard dentures. GET YOUR PRECISION DENTURES IN VICTORIA As you begin your journey with dentures, you want to select dentures that will not only have good function and appearance but also have the best life span too. Precision dentures in Victoria are just what you need to get your mouth feeling and looking good. For more information about your options for dentures, to set up a time for an evaluation, or to learn about our denture services, contact us today.


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