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Many people who have denture implants or partial/complete dentures believe that they don’t have to visit the dentist regularly. However, that isn’t the truth. Regular dental visits are very crucial to maintain good oral health, even with dentures. At Postings Denture Clinic, we can make sure that you have annual recall exams to ensure that your dentures are fitting properly. An annual recall exam with your dentist gives them an opportunity to examine the gums and mouth for infection.

We are a family-owned and operated business with an in-house lab, providing a quick turnaround for all denture needs. We offer quality services, including maintenance, to residents of the Saanich Peninsula and Greater Victoria. We understand and appreciate the trust our clients put in us. Let’s discuss the reasons why you should continue visiting the dentist when you have dentures: · Gum Disease Prevention Even if you no longer have your natural teeth and have to wear complete dentures, you still have gums and not taking care of them can cause serious gum infections. Gum diseases are known to lead to heart disease, certain cancers, and even Alzheimer’s disease. Regularly visiting your dentist will let you know of any signs of gum disease and can help treat it as soon as it develops. · Oral Cancer Screening It’s crucial to remember that oral cancer can happen to people without teeth also. Sometimes, poorly-fitting dentures can contribute to an elevated risk of cancer. Regularly visiting your dentist will enable you to identify the early signs of cancer and treat it efficiently. · Examination of Any Remaining Natural Teeth If you still have remaining natural teeth, it is important to have these examined and cleaned by your dentist on a regular basis. The overall state of your natural teeth will affect how a partial denture fits in your mouth. We are proud to work closely with many dentists in Greater Victoria, the Saanich Peninsula, and Sidney to ensure that you continue to have the smile you deserve. Some important reasons to visit your denturist on a regular basis are: · Maintain Your Dentures Your partial/complete dentures need proper maintenance to give you the best fit and function possible. Visiting your denturist will give you the chance to learn more about denture care and how to make your dentures last as long as possible. · Bite Evaluation Dentures (sometimes on implants) are designed to assist you with chewing, talking, and smiling. If they don’t fit properly, it can lead to problems such as sleep apnea, headaches, and malnutrition. As time passes, the bone that your denture rests on will resorb (shrink) and your dentures may become loose. The teeth on your denture will also wear down with use and time. This makes regular visits to your denturist crucial to regularly evaluate your bite and the fit of your denture. · Adjustments and Repairs Over time, as changes occur in your mouth, the fit of your denture may change as well. We are happy to assist you with minor adjustments, or repairs if your dentures happen to break. LET US HELP Postings Denture Clinic has been treating patients for over 40 years. Our denturists are trained in all aspects of denture care. We can help you in deciding which denture will best suit your needs. We are also happy to help our patients with their insurance coverage. Call us today to learn more about our services.


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