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If your dentist has told you one of your teeth has to go, or you have had missing teeth for a while, it's likely that you are considering your options. Whatever decision you make will have long-term consequences, so it is not one to make lightly. But what is the best option for you? Implants or dentures? Is there a definitive answer? Well, by the end of this article you will have all you need to know to be clear about your position in the implants vs dentures debate.

WHAT ARE DENTURES? Dentures are artificial teeth set onto an acrylic base that fits over your gums. They are removable and, if necessary, will have some light metal framework to provide added support to the area. Depending on your set of circumstances, there is a range of denture options for those choosing dentures. They can be for one or a few teeth known as partial dentures, or a complete set. Anyone getting dentures will find the process quick and seamless. Upon your visit to a dentures clinic, they will make a precise impression of your teeth. This is in addition to an in-depth study of your teeth and their alignment. Once everything is clear, preliminary dentures are made and as soon as your dentures clinic is sure they fit perfectly, then they will make your final dentures. Modern advancements now mean that you can be confident that your dentures will look natural. WHAT ARE DENTAL IMPLANTS? Dental implants are permanent replacements for your individual teeth. The process involves first extracting your current teeth root and allowing the area to recover. Afterward, they drill a hole into the bone, into which a titanium screw called a post is placed. Then an abutment is added, which is where your eventual crown will clip on to. For your implants to be successful, time is needed. This means that the whole process could take over a year. IMPLANTS VS DENTURES: WHICH ONE IS FOR ME? There is a lot to consider when choosing between implants vs dentures. As every case is different, there isn't a blanket answer to whether choosing implants or dentures is better. One basic but important factor to think about is cost. Implants are permanent and have advantages when it comes to things like your long-term bone structure, however, you do have to pay for that privilege. The cost of 1 or 2 implants could in some cases cover the cost of a full set of dentures. Another consideration is that not everyone is eligible for implants. An essential requirement for choosing implants is having enough bone in your jaw to support the posts that will go into your jaw bone. Lastly, the implants vs dentures discussion wouldn't be complete without discussing the elephant in the room: surgery! For many, the incumbent procedure and recovery time are enough for them to opt for dentures. The denture process is far quicker, and not invasive in comparison to having dental implants. For the best of both worlds dentures over implants in Victora are the most popular and for good reason. They provide more stability and permanence than traditional dentures, as well as decrease the rate of gum shrinkage. As with all things it is important to do your own research, speak to dental professionals, and come to the right decision for you. A SOLUTION THAT WILL PUT A SMILE BACK ON YOUR FACE As we have seen, although their goals are the same, there are stark differences between dentures over implants in Victoria. We hope our breakdown of both of these solutions has helped you come to the right decision for you. If after considering implants vs dentures you know that dentures are for you, and you live either in Victoria or Sidney BC then your next step is very easy. We at Posting Dentures have years of experience, provide the best quality of dentures available, and are dedicated to helping our clients regain their confidence and comfort. Contact us now for a consultation!


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