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When a tooth is extracted, the bone tissue surrounding it goes through a process called “resorption.” This process breaks down the composite materials on a cellular level and allows its absorption into the body. This makes the gums undergo changes in shape over time, which can render a perfectly fitting denture loose in a matter of months. The most amount of resorption occurs within the first 12 months of having your natural teeth extracted.

Postings Denture Clinic provides denture reline solutions, which just might be what you are looking for if your dentures are loose and/or causing you discomfort. We provide both hard reline and soft reline services and once you are done reading about them here, you might have an idea of what might work best for you. Our denturists are happy to offer free consultations to help determine what the best treatment plan is for you. HARD RELINE A hard reline adds a new layer of hard acrylic to the denture base. An impression is taken inside of the denture and that impression is then used to make an accurate model of your mouth. A new layer of acrylic is added to your denture using this model. Because the materials used need heating, a hard reline is carried out in a lab where there will be no complications that can compromise the fit of the denture. We can usually complete a reline in one business day, provided we can book your appointment early enough in the morning. SOFT RELINE A soft reline is done with a soft and porous polymer material that adds cushioning to the underside of the denture, making it comfortable to wear. This type of relining is preferred by people who have just started wearing dentures and/or those who have sensitive gums. There are a few different types of soft liners; some can be performed right in the denturist’s chair (temporary soft liner; takes approximately 45 minutes), while some must be completed in our lab (permanent soft liner; takes 1-2 days). A denture reline can effectively reshape your denture to improve the fit and delay the costs involved in purchasing a new denture. Count on Postings Denture Clinic for all your denture needs. We offer dentures, denture maintenance and dentures over implants. Read our blog to learn what type of denture is right for you. Contact us today to set an appointment for a denture reline.


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