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Implant denture

Despite many improvements in dental care, millions suffer tooth loss – mostly due to periodontal disease, tooth decay or injury. This can lead to a variety of complications that can impact the emotional and physical health of patients. Implant dentures are a kind of over-denture attached to implants. They are one of today’s best appliances for fixing the problem of missing teeth. Postings Denture Clinics Ltd. has been in the denture care business for more than 40 years. Our team is well-versed in every aspect of denture treatment. We offer top-quality services, including maintenance to residents of the Saanich Peninsula and Greater Victoria. In this blog post, we discuss how implant dentures could be right for you.

WHAT ARE IMPLANT DENTURES? Dental implants act as replacement roots for your teeth. Your dentist surgically fixes the implants (usually 2-4 implants) into your jaw, which fuse to the bone over a period of time (approximately 3-4 months). Once the implants have successfully fused to the jawbone, your denturist will connect them to dentures that contain the appropriate components for the implants. These implants then allow your dentures to be more stable as conventional dentures can slip or shift with nothing securing them in place.There are many different types of implant connection systems, and it is best to talk to your denturist about which method would be best for your individual needs. BENEFITS OF IMPLANT DENTURES • The ability to chew, talk and bite with full functionality • Implant dentures are closer in contour and feel natural • This option enables patients to enjoy a full set of teeth more naturally and without anxiety IS IT POSSIBLE TO SLEEP WITH MY DENTURES? It is possible to wear dentures while sleeping but it is preferable they are removed. This will help the gums and bone to relax from the pressure of wearing the denture during the day. Dentures can be cleaned and kept in water or a special denture-cleaning solution during the night. HOW PAINFUL WILL BE THE PROCESS? It’s normal to experience minor irritation when you are first fitted for new dentures. This will fade as the mouth becomes accustomed to them. This period of discomfort varies from patient to patient. If you had any natural teeth removed at the time of the treatment, the areas where the extractions were performed may be painful for up to several weeks. Regular visits to your denturist to adjust the dentures are recommended (and encouraged). WHO ARE THE BEST CANDIDATES FOR IMPLANT DENTURES? Our team recommends this treatment method for patients: • Who are missing teeth due to disease and accidents (often embarrassed about their appearances) • Who want to make a good investment for their dental future • Who want to reduce bone loss/shrinking after tooth extractions • Who want to retain the integrity of their facial structure • Who want to feel confident while eating, talking, and smiling LET US HELP Postings Denture Clinics Ltd. is a family-owned and -operated business with an in-house lab, providing a quick turnaround for all denture needs. Our denturists understand and appreciate the trust our clients put in us. For information on dentures and insurance coverage, read our blog post - DENTURES AND INSURANCE COVERAGE: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW.


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