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Dentures in Victoria British Columbia

Today's dentures are capable of closely mimicking the look of natural teeth. They may often be called "false teeth," but there is nothing false-looking about them. Postings Denture Clinics is proud to provide denture services and denture fittings in Victoria that will give you a new smile you can wear with confidence. If you have missing teeth, our experienced denturists will be able to craft you an artificial smile that not only matches the look, shape, size, and shade of your natural smile but enhances upon it.

How Dentures Are Made

The process of getting dentures at Postings Denture Clinics begins with a free denture consultation. Once you decide on the right type of dentures for your needs, your denturist will take an impression of your mouth to ensure that your dentures can be crafted to your exact specifications. This impression is then brought into our on-site lab, where our technician will use it to create a model of your mouth. The dentures are then built according to this model. The artificial teeth of a denture are usually made out of either porcelain or acrylic. Porcelain has traditionally been the material of choice for its strength, durability, and similarity to natural teeth. Acrylic has been growing in popularity more recently as it tends to be easier to adjust and adheres more strongly to the denture base. The base is typically made of acrylic as well. Ensuring the Perfect Look and Fit Dentures will look more natural the more closely they are able to match the natural appearance of your teeth. An experienced denturist will help you choose a tooth shade that best complements your appearance - you can check out our previous post about tooth colouring here! Your denturist will likewise make sure that the base of the dentures closely matches the natural colour of your gums. Proper denture fittings in Victoria will also help to make your dentures look natural and beautiful. When dentures fit snugly and comfortably on the gums, they are less likely to shift and appear loose or crooked. Keep Your Smile Looking Natural with Proper Maintenance To make sure that your dentures continue to look their best, you will need to clean them every day using a toothbrush and a denture cleaner recommended by your denturist. Soaking them overnight will help to kill bacteria and remove stains as well. You'll also want to see your denturist for regular denture check-ups. During these appointments, your denturist will be able to make any needed adjustments to ensure your dentures fit properly. They can also perform repairs to keep your dentures functional and comfortable.

Find Out If Dentures in Victoria Are Right for You

At Postings Denture Clinics, we create custom, natural-looking dentures suited perfectly to your smile. Our expert denture fittings and adjustments will ensure that your dentures are comfortable and function like your natural teeth. We operate two denture clinics, one in Victoria and one in Sydney, and provide full denture services at both locations. To schedule an initial denture consultation in Victoria at no cost to you, just contact Postings Denture Clinics today.


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