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Flexible Dentures in Victoria, Sidney and Surrounding Areas

Flexible Dentures are a type of partial denture made out of thermoplastic nylon resin, which tends to be thinner and therefore much more flexible than traditional acrylic dentures. This type of denture has become popular among patients for multiple reasons:

  • Because these dentures are made out of a less brittle material, there is less chance of them breaking or shattering if dropped.

  • Patients find flexible dentures to be more comfortable and are pleased with their more natural look, as the clasps used are often transparent.

  • For patients who are sensitive to traditional acrylic resins, the thermoplastic material is less likely to cause discomfort.

This flexible material can be relined, rebased, and repaired just like traditional acrylic material, ensuring that Postings Denture Clinic is your full-service denture clinic. Are you interested in flexible dentures? Call today to book a free consultation with one of our denturists!


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