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Senior denture wearer showing a clean & healthy smile

If you are one of the many people who wear false teeth in Victoria or Sidney, then it's important to brush up on the basics of denture care. Proper care is vital for maintaining your oral health, keeping your dentures free of stains, helping your dentures last longer, and ensuring a comfortable.

At Postings Denture Clinics, we are dedicated in providing quality dentures for our patients in Victoria and Sidney, as well as educating those on good hygiene and proper denture maintenance Here's what you need to know about keeping your dentures in good shape.

Recommended Denture Cleaning Routine

When you first get false teeth, cleaning them can be a bit of a learning curve. Thankfully, there are just three simple steps to keeping your dentures clean.

  1. At least once a day, remove your dentures and brush them using a denture cleaner and a soft-bristled toothbrush. Do not use toothpaste, as it can be too abrasive. Brush them gently on all surfaces and, once you're finished, gently brush the inside of your mouth as well.

  2. Soak your dentures in either water or a denture cleaning solution overnight.

  3. Rinse your dentures after every meal to remove any food particles.

Important Denture Maintenance Tips

By taking the right precautions, your dentures will remain in good condition for a long time – maintaining them is easier than you think!

  1. When handling your dentures, hold them over a folded towel or another soft surface to protect them from damage in case they fall.

  2. Whenever you are not wearing your dentures, store them in a glass of proper soaking solution or water to keep them from drying out and losing their shape.

  3. Schedule regular denture check-ups to help ensure that your dentures are in good shape and fitting properly.

  4. Schedule an appointment for denture repairs as soon as you experience any discomfort or notice any damage.

Eating While Wearing Dentures

Once you become accustomed to wearing false teeth, you should be able to resume eating just about all of your favourite foods. However, you'll want to limit your intake of sticky or tough-to-chew foods which can destabilize your dentures or get stuck beneath them. This may include foods such as popcorn, nut butters, sticky candy, nuts, poppy seeds, and uncooked hard vegetables. Foods that will be easy on your jaw and easy on your dentures include hot cereals, mashed potatoes, soft vegetables, yogurt, pudding, applesauce, and broth. If you're concerned about eating while wearing dentures, then you should consider implant dentures. As they are affixed to permanent titanium implants, these types of dentures feel and function much like natural teeth, providing more stability while chewing.

Quality Dentures & Denture Repairs in Victoria & Sidney, BC

If your dentures are feeling uncomfortable or in need of repair, then you can trust Postings Denture Clinics for quality denture maintenance services. Even if everything feels alright, we encourage you to come in for periodic check-ups to make sure it stays that way. With two convenient locations in Victoria and in Sidney, our team is more than happy to address your concerns and meet your denture needs. Connect with Postings Denture Clinics today to schedule an appointment and receive the smile you deserve.


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