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denturist demonstrating denture care to new patient

Immediate dentures are a great option for restoring a smile if any of your remaining natural teeth soon need to be extracted

Before getting conventional dentures, however, you will need to wait four to six weeks for the extraction sites to heal. At Postings Denture Clinics, we know that many people do not want to go this long without teeth, which is why we offer immediate dentures in Victoria & Sidney.

What Are Immediate Dentures?

Immediate dentures are a type of complete or partial denture that can be used to give you a complete smile the very same day that your teeth are extracted. There is no need to wait for the extraction sites to heal. What Are the Benefits of Immediate Dentures? Immediate dentures in Victoria & Sidney have seen considerable growth in popularity because they offer quite a few benefits over conventional dentures, including:

  • You will not have to go into public without teeth while waiting for your tooth extraction sites to heal.

  • Your immediate denture will protect your gums after the extraction, reducing bleeding.

  • You'll be able to get used to speaking with dentures right away, rather than having to establish new speech patterns without teeth and then again with conventional dentures.

  • You'll have a quicker and easier time learning to chew with dentures, allowing you to enjoy all of your favourite foods sooner.

What is the Process of Getting Immediate Dentures? After you decide to get immediate dentures, your denturist will take measurements of your jaw and take an impression of your teeth to create a model. The model is then used to construct your dentures, which will be ready for the day of your extractions. Following your new denture fitting, you will need to visit your denturist for regular check-ups to ensure that your healing is going well and the dentures continue to fit properly. Are Immediate Dentures Right for Me? Most people who are good candidates for conventional dentures can also get immediate dentures. However, your denturist may advise against immediate dentures if you have certain health conditions or specific oral health problems. The best way to know if immediate dentures are right for you is to consult with a denturist who provides complete denture services in Victoria & Sidney.

Choose Immediate Dentures in Victoria & Never Be Without Teeth

Postings Denture Clinics offers a comprehensive array of denture services at our clinics in Victoria and Sidney. One of our experienced denturists will be happy to let you know if immediate dentures are a good option for you. No matter what the best solution for your needs is, you can get started on a treatment plan and on the path to a new smile right away. To schedule a free consultation for immediate dentures in Victoria or Sidney, just contact Postings Denture Clinics today.

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