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Dentures are dental appliances that are used to replace missing teeth. They have to be supported by the surrounding soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity. There are several different types of denture, but all of them help improve your chewing ability and enhance your pronunciation as well as appearance. If you are looking for a denturist in Victoria, get in touch with Postings Denture Clinics Ltd. We use advanced equipment and techniques to provide personalized denture care to all our patients. We can also help you with denture relining and denture repairs. Book a free consultation today!

THE DIFFERENT DENTURES TO CHOOSE FROM Here is a list of different types of dentures with their advantages to help you select the right one: • Complete Dentures These are used to replace your full set of teeth. The artificial teeth are usually made of either porcelain or acrylic and held together using an acrylic base. Dentures used to replace teeth in the upper jaw come with an acrylic base that covers the gums and the roof of the mouth. Your dentist will remove any remaining teeth and may recommend waiting a few weeks before you see a denturist for fabrication of complete dentures, allowing some time for your mouth to heal. • Partial Dentures Partial dentures are used to fill in gaps caused by one or more missing teeth. They can be attached to your natural teeth using metal (or acrylic, in some cases) clasps or precision attachments (these are less noticeable). • Immediate Dentures Immediate dentures are a type of complete or partial denture that can be used to give you a complete smile the same day that your teeth are extracted. An impression is made of your existing teeth and gums prior to the extractions and it is then used as a working model for the construction of your new dentures. Immediate dentures have become more popular as they can help you adjust quicker to having dentures, can assist in the healing of the extractions sites in your mouth, and can eliminate the need for you to go without teeth during the healing period. • Flexible Dentures These are a kind of partial denture, which are made from a different type of acrylic than usual partial dentures. The common choice here is a thin thermoplastic such as nylon. Flexible dentures are often more comfortable than others, particularly when you are new to wearing replacement teeth. As these dentures do not use any metal parts, individuals have said that they appear and feel more natural. • Precision Dentures Precision dentures are made to suit each person’s individual characteristics. Extensive measurements of your jaw and face are taken before making the dentures to ensure they are an exact fit. Because no two patients are the same, precision dentures help to ensure a more precise function in relation to the movements of your jaw. Precision dentures look natural, are comfortable and can make chewing easier. • Implant-Supported Dentures Implant-supported dentures are a type of over denture supported by and attached to dental implants. While a regular denture rests on gums, an implant-supported denture has attachments which snap onto the implants. They are more stable than other dentures, particularly when used in the lower jaw where conventional dentures can slip out of place. Dentures over implants increase confidence, decrease bone loss, help maintain the integrity of facial structure, and feel much more similar to natural teeth. Postings Denture Clinics Ltd. offers an extensive range of dentures to clients in Victoria. Get in touch with our staff who can help you determine which denture is right for you. Your denturist can then provide you with an appropriate treatment plan! We also provide direct billing to several insurance companies. If you want to know why implant dentures could be a great alternative for you, read our blog - Key Benefits of Implant Dentures over Traditional Dentures in Victoria BC. For more information on our services, contact us today!


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